• The BOD POD is a body composition tracking system that measures body fat and can monitor progress over time. It’s the most accurate technology available, and it’s used by the NFL combine, pro sporting teams and the Mayo Clinic.
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  • This is a comprehensive program that will transform your body into the shape of a lifetime while teaching you secrets that took Chris almost 30 years to learn. This program focuses on the proper weight training, cardiovascular training and nutritional basics that teach your body to be a fat burning furnace.
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  • A good business person knows that the quality and condition of his/her equipment has direct results on production and profit. That's why it makes perfect sense to invest in your most valuable resource, your employees. Statistics prove that unhealthy employees create an unnecessary drag on your bottom line.
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  • This program is designed to make the most effective personalized fitness program for the individual regardless of experience level. It works great for beginners as well as anyone that wants to take their workout to the next level. Don't stumble around wondering why your hard work isn't paying off; let us show you how to get the most out of your efforts.
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About Antonio's Training

Chris AntonioAntonio's Training system takes pride in helping people of all walks of life transform their bodies into the shape of a lifetime and consistently produces one success story after another. Chris's unique programs have set a new standard in personal training and are based on concrete results. Chris specializes in creating and implementing the best possible system to help achieve individual goals while teaching people how to maintain their new bodies for life.
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Ask the Trainer

Rehoboth Bod Pod goes mobile



The Rehoboth Bod Pod can bring a state-of-the-art body fat and fitness test right to your facility.

What if there was a test that measures health, motivates you to get in shape and gives you the information needed to successfully guide your fitness program? What if that test could be brought right to your gym or fitness facility, making it easy and convenient to get it done? Well, look no further, because Rehoboth Bod Pod has arrived and can bring this technology right to your doorstep.

It has always been my dream to combine the best technology available with great fitness programs to give people the tools needed to achieve their fitness goals. One thing I learned early on was that frequent testing and assessing results was a key factor to success.

It’s important to know your fitness level before you start, and then periodically retest and track results to make sure you are doing the right things to reach your goals. The problem is, most people use the scale only, and although weight is a piece of the puzzle, it can be a very misleading way to gauge your success.

The scale only tells one side of the story, and many crash diets cause rapid, short-term weight loss that robs you of valuable lean muscle and slows your metabolism. This makes it certain you will regain the weight in a relatively short period of time. That’s why testing in the Bod Pod is a much better alternative.

The Bod Pod is a pod-shaped machine connected to a computer that can tell your exact body fat percentage, weight and how many pounds of muscle and fat you have on your body. It will also grade your fitness level so you will know your health level and be able to tweak your program to make future goals for improvement. It does this by using air displacement technology. It is fast, easy, affordable and extremely accurate, unlike the other methods available on the market today. Each test takes a total of 10 minutes and, best of all, it’s now mobile and can travel to your gym, company, health fair or fitness class to test everyone to provide them with the most accurate information available today.

This technology is used by the NFL combine, professional sports teams, college university nutrition programs, the Biggest Loser TV show and the Mayo Clinic, but now it can be brought right to your facility. To date, we have done 1,150 tests and have helped people track their fitness programs and get great results. We are booking up fast for spring events from Sussex to New Castle County, but we still have weekday and weekend appointments available.

If you want to take advantage of this technology, or if you own a company, gym, CrossFit or any other type of facility where people are interested in working out and getting in shape, contact Rehoboth Bod Pod at 302-245-9900 or RehobothBodPod@gmail.com to schedule your test or arrange for Rehoboth Bod Pod to come directly to your company or fitness facility.



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