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About Antonio's Training

Chris AntonioAntonio's Training system takes pride in helping people of all walks of life transform their bodies into the shape of a lifetime and consistently produces one success story after another. Chris's unique programs have set a new standard in personal training and are based on concrete results. Chris specializes in creating and implementing the best possible system to help achieve individual goals while teaching people how to maintain their new bodies for life.
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Ask the Trainer

Dana Duquette loses 48 pounds in 12 weeks


I love transformation pictures because they show anything is possible and serve as inspiration to others to take control of their lives. Let’s face it, you have to be a brave person to have your picture taken at your worst shape, record it and display it for the world to see. Dana Duquette’s transformation was a great example of this. After 12 weeks, I think it’s fair to say he did an incredible job!

Dana joined our 12-week transformation in February because it was recommended to him by a friend. We had just started our program in conjunction with the annual Schell Brothers Biggest Loser contest. At first, he was very skeptical. I’ll never forget the conversation we had after our first meeting. He met me at the door with a very confused look and told me everything I had just discussed with the group about a proper diet was so foreign to him that he wasn’t sure this program was for him. I told him he would be fine, to just do his best, try to follow all instructions and soon his body would crave healthy eating. That was the last question he asked. From that point, it was game on and he attacked the program with laser focus.

After a few weeks, I began to realize his results were above average. He had done so well during the early part of the program, he had the potential to drop an amazing amount of weight and completely transform himself. In the beginning, he was so deconditioned, we were very cautious and only gave him a few minutes of low-impact cardio, but by week nine he was running and doing things in the gym he could not have imagined before he started.

When Dana finished the program, he had lost a grand total of 48 pounds in 12 weeks and dramatically changed his body from the inside out. In addition to him looking great, his blood pressure went from 167/112 to 117/62, which was one of the greatest of all the benefits he received for his hard work and dedication. He lost 22 percent of his starting body fat and had the bittersweet problem of needing a new wardrobe.

Dana is an excellent role model for anyone looking to make a change. All it takes is an open mind and the willingness to work hard and change old habits. I’m very proud of Dana’s accomplishments. I realize before-and-after pictures can be a sensitive matter, and I applaud him for sharing his inspirational story with others who may need the motivation.

Seeing others change their bodies demonstrates that no matter how out of shape you think you are, there is still hope for a better you. As long as you are willing to take the first step to get started, anything is possible. I would like to congratulate Dana Duquette on an incredible transformation, and he is now the new record holder of the most pounds lost in our 12-week transformation program.


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