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Ask the Trainer

Boston Marathon completes 5-year bucket list for Murray



On April 20, personal trainer Melanie Murray will participate in the 119th Boston Marathon, turning the page on a series of goals she set years ago. It won’t be the end of her quest for self improvement, but it will be part of a new chapter in a life defined by fitness and helping others gets in shape.

Melanie’s passion for running started at age 8, when her dad told her to get in shape for lacrosse season. It wasn’t long before she realized that lacrosse was fun, but running was something she enjoyed even more. In 2007 after graduating from Washington College, where she played for the women’s lacrosse team, she realized she missed being part of an organized sport and needed something to fill the void. “I played sports from ages 7 to 22, and then all the sudden it’s over and the structure, the coaches, camaraderie of the teams and workouts with friends were gone. Running provided the much-needed structure and lifestyle for me to be competitive.” It wasn’t long before she jumped into the sport with both feet and set some pretty ambitious expectations.

“That’s when I decided to make the goal of running 10 marathons and qualifying for the Boston Marathon,” she said. But to stay focused and on track, she gave herself five years to complete the task. Since she started this quest in 2010, it would need to be completed by her 30th birthday and even though she has remained on schedule, it wasn’t always an easy task. She ran her first marathon in 4 hours and 5 minutes, but greatly improved by her next race. “I qualified for the Boston Marathon after completing my second marathon, but unfortunately they decided to shave the qualifying time down by five minutes, raising the bar and forcing me to run a faster time to make the cut.” So it was back to the drawing board. A few years and six marathons later she hit pay dirt. After qualifying at the Pocono Marathon in May with a time of 3 hours 33 minutes, she was invited to run in the 2015 Boston Marathon. Coincidentally, she will be turning 30 on April 25 and the completion of Boston will be her 10th Marathon, achieving the original goal set five years ago.

Melanie’s original goal may end when she crosses the finish line, but it will also be a new beginning. She will now focus on getting her time under 3:30 and will continue to run marathons as well as help others achieve their goals with training. In addition to running marathons, Melanie is an excellent personal trainer who serves as my right hand in the dual role of office manager and ace personal trainer responsible for numerous success stories as well as some incredible 12-week transformations. She is a fitness role model for lots of people and will be in the hearts and minds of many of the clients she has helped as she competes in the prestigious Boston event.

To make matters more interesting, one week before the Boston Marathon Melanie will travel to San Diego, Calif., to complete in a Ragnar Relay. This is a 12-person 200-mile relay, where her team will run day and night along the West Coast until the race is complete. She will then have a brief rest and then travel to Boston a week later to run in the marathon. Good luck, Melanie!



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